Roc City Skatepark Site Plan.
Located in the heart of Rochester

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The planned location of Roc City Skatepark is at the heart of the city, beneath the east side of the iconic and award winning Frederick Douglass/ Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge. Pending New York State Department of Transportation approval, this spot boasts plenty of room for varied skateboarding and BMX disciplines with areas on either side of the bridge for a more outdoor feel. Not to mention excellent shelter from the elements and our fair city’s unpredictable weather.

A concrete investment.
Nothing rides like permanent, concrete rails and ramps. But more importantly, a cast-in-place concrete skatepark is low-maintenance and long-lasting. Which is why nothing less will suffice for this project.

For more about the advantages and ROI of a permanent concrete skatepark, read this article from Warranty Week: The Newsletter for Warranty Management Professionals (February 24, 2004).

Susan B. Anthony Bridge

View Photos of the Scale Model (Conceptual Design)
The Conceptual Design is meant to provide an example or possible layout, but is not necessarily showing the final park design.

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Photos Provided by: John Smillie Photography